Innovision News Headlins: Automotive Marketing Forum is upcoming!
, inno-vision which adheres to clients and upholds the spirit of innovation and exploration, will gather various automobile marketing experts with China Europe International Business School. This will be a brainstorming of all the practice.  It will tell us how to think deliberately fist and then act intelligent. It also shows us the new thinking that leads the big changes of automobile marketing.



Think deliberately, the survive way of cloud data 


Where are the trigger points of the brands that come from data? What is the role that digital marketing playing in the marketing chain? Where is the survival way of automobile?

Data integration platforms such as AdChina, NRI, Acxiom, PowerStream, Autohome, will share their real cases and solutions beyond the new pattern of auto marketing. 


Act intelligently, the method of developing end-users


How to leverage the key contac of the end of marketing chain and achieve great sales? How to make O2O ground and make profit? Alibaba, the pioneer of data applications, will  the buying behavior of 90s consumers。 Ark Marketing Research & Consulting will share the analysis of  the marketing environment of 2800 counties。 Inno-vision will make a speech on the topic of ‘the most important key of marketing value chain’ and show its solutions of localized marketing and some consumers’ new innovative experience  marketing。

Gather creative  innovators and lead the marketing. Inno-vision will explore the future of auto marketing with you! The automobile summit ‘ the future is coming in the mobile internet era’ will be held in the 3rd floor’s hall in Guangzhou Shangri-la Hotel on the November 21, 2014. Please looking forward to it!

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